12 Reasons to wear black clothes


12 Reasons to wear black clothes

If your favorite color is Black : You are Highly emotional and very loyal to your friends.

1- Wearing black is a life style

2- Black Make everything more elegant and classy

3- Black color is Happy not as sad as you think

4- You can wear Black in all seasons

5- wearing black will make you smile inside you while people think you’re sad.

6- Black is Hot

7- Wearing black will colorful your life

8- Black is modest and arrogant in the same time

9- Black is lazy and easy

10 – Black is authoritative,powerful, evokes strong emotions, and too much black is overwhelming.

11- Black is the combination of all colors  a representation of the whole; a coming together. It is the opposite of white, which signifies purity as the absence of color.

12- Black is warmer than other colors