9 Things You Should Never Say To A My Chemical Romance Fan


9 Things You Should Never Say To A My Chemical Romance Fan


9“You know they broke up, right?”

Oh the feels. Yes, we know My Chemical Romance broke up, we’re very aware of it, you don’t have to remind us all the time of the tragedy? We’re trying to put it to the back of our minds to prevent sadness.


8“They stopped being good after Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”

Yeah okay, that’s your opinion. Your opinion is wrong but it’s still an opinion we guess.

7“You listen to screamo music? That’s so hardcore.”

You’ve obviously never listened to My Chemical Romance, or err.. “screamo” music. We wouldn’t call our music taste exactly the most “hardcore”

6“My Chemical Romance’s fans are all teenage girls”

A whole lot of us are above the age of 18.


5“Michael Clifford from 5SOS looks like Gerard Way!”

Yeah.. No. Have you ever seen a picture of them side by side? The differences are obvious. Also,  is WAY better than all of 5sos.

4“My Chemical Romance is gay!”

Franks iconic shirt says it all…


3“I love Gerard Way! Who are Frank, Mikey and Ray?”

So you love the lead singer? That’s cool… but you should probably know the importance of the rest of the amazing band. My Chemical Romance isn’t just one person.



2“My Chemical Romance suck! They’re just another mainstream band!”

You obviously are denying yourself the true beauty of Ray’s guitar solos, Frank’s enthusiasm, Gerard’s singing voice and Mikey’s bass playing.. their music is art.


1“My Chemical Romance only care about money, not fans.”

 Mmmhmm.. totally. That’s not true at all, and if you did any research on the band you’d know they are lovely people who care about their fans and the artistry in music.







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