Gerard Way Is Going To Be Working On New Music Every Friday

Gerard Way has revealed that is going to be working on new music every Friday.

In a post on Facebook he spoke about the new Fender gear he has been gifted and then detailed what he plans to do with it.

“New Music! New Gear!

Fender Guitars has been a long time supporter of my music, and to get ready to start recording again, my dear friend at Fender, Michael Schulz, gifted me these wonderful music-making things.

The first photo is of a guitar I have wanted to check out for a long time, the Kurt Cobain Jaguar. It is, by far, the clearest guitar I have ever played. Instantly sounded like magic, gorgeous to look at, fun to play, and connected to a major influence in my life and music. And it sounds loud and lovely through my 90’s Big Muff pedal and Fender Twin. It’s very pure. Fender custom made one of these left handed for Ian Fowles, a dear friend who played with me on the Hesitant Alien tour, and also jammed with me and pitched in with some song writing during the HA process. They painted it in Daphne Blue, and Ian made so many wonderful sounds when we played live with this guitar.

The 2nd photo is of Fender’s new pedal line, which I am very excited to check out and discover sounds with. So many great things to check out. I’ve been friends with Michael for a while now, and he is one of the best humans I have ever called friend. We met through Mikey when Michael helped produce Mikey’s signature bass through Fender, which I’ve also shown here in the 3rd photo. Still my favorite bass.

Now, onto the music. It is far too early to have any kind of idea when new music will be coming out from me, or what it will be specifically. Would it be a solo record? A new band? Songs for the Netflix Umbrella Academy show? Something else? Again, too early to tell, but the process has started and happens every Friday at the moment. I’m in the discovery phase, and very excited about that. I’m off to make some sounds— see you soon!”


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